Nothing like a photoshoot during a weekday!


Ok this week has been pretty busy! With school finals coming to an end and 3 shoots this last week, I would be lying if I said it was a pretty relaxing week! All in all, amidst all the chaos there comes a moment in every photographers life where he has to just suck it up and do what he is called to do...  be awesome! =) 


One thing I have come to learn is that before a shoot as a photographer it is extremely important to pre-check all your gear. Although that is easier said then done..being the genius photographer that I am, forgot to put back the little glass that goes in front of the viewfinder when looking through the camera. What does mean you ask, well this means that for the most part I was shooting blind! All I had to work with was a blurry window and some grade A estimation! But as you can tell...I think I did a pretty good job! But as much as I would like to take credit for the photos you see above... we did have a pretty great model to work with =) 


Alright thats it for now, I did bring my film camera on this shoot, but I was having trouble with that as well. The dang thing did not want to power up... made for a sad sad day.  Before I forget, remember to stop back by my site I have come pretty awesome photos from some ruins we found in a little town near by! 

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