Adding Fire to your photos!

This last week I have received countless of emails asking me how the heck did I get such an awesome fire in my photos! Ok, thats not true.. in fact, I did not receive one email...  But since I am not one to horde awesomeness when I learn it, I will share my knowledge! 

Ok, first things first, we need a photo that you can added some fire too! And no, put away that photo of your ex.. we do not promote such photography abuse here at Darkroom Portraits! =) 

Next find yourself some cool looking fire and import that as well.


 Once in Photoshop, copy your flame and paste it in the photo you will be adding it to. 

Once pasted you have to change the blend mode on your flame file to screen. This is where the magic happens! Go ahead.. change it! 

position wraptool.jpg

Alright, almost done! Next reposition your flame to where it fits best.. if you need to transform it to the size needed then go ahead. After, head over to the warp tool! 

Once selected, you can then make the needed adjustments to fit your flame to your object. Next we need to add a mask to our fire and clean up the rough edges! 

Ok last step! Go ahead and add a mask to your flame and select your brush tool to paint away the rough areas! If done right you will end up with the a white background with black brush strokes as seen in the image to the far right. 

And there you have it! Fire that is not only safe but looks pretty rad when added to an already awesome shot! Now that you know how to do this.. go be awesome and do the same! 

William HarrisComment