The 3 Formats.

2 shots ago, I went kind of crazy, shooting normally on two cameras, my Mamiya ZD and some sort of Film camera, I decided to shake things up a bit and toss in a 3rd. For this shoot, so trucking out to our shot location, I geared up with my Mamiya ZD, my Rolleiflex 2.8, as well as my Holga 120. 

Other then working with an awesome model, I always find it fun to be able to see an image through different mediums. For example, although I took these top two shots on my Mamiya ZD as well, I found that the 6x6 format did a better job of telling a story. And although I say this, the same is true for the Mamiya being a better fit for certain shots. 

Now with any shot, I always happen to run into some troubles, in the case of this shot, it happened to my be depth perception. As you can tell, I missed calculated my distance from the model, and although the Holga isn't meant to be taken as a camera that takes crisp images, it can still produce some rather in focus shots.But as I have come to find out, thats where the beauty of this camera lies, the Holga is more of a mistake camera and one shouldn't really expect "perfection" when it comes to photographing with a Holga. Needless to say, even with my missed focus mistakes, I still found the shots to be pretty cool. 

In the end, The photo you see above was my favorite. The window light just proved to be the prefect light/darkness metaphor for what have you. Originally taken on 6x6 format, I did cheat a bit and tossed it in photoshop to extend the sides a bit. OK, thats it for now, I do have more photos to post from more recent shots, so make sure you come back to check out what other craziness we got in store for you! 

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