A Bit of Paint and a River

Trying to come up with theme for photoshoots can be a bit daunting. I have find that at times you just have to go with whatever you stashed away in your house. This was the case for this shoot. Luckily A buddy of mine had some Holi Powder left over from a previous shoot and with that in mind we recruited a model to be our victim =) And although we didn't use it on every photo, we still had fun in the process. 

What made this shoot kind of special was the fact that I was able to finally test out my New Sony A7. Yes you heard me right, another new camera. Sadly I sold my Mamiya ZD due to the fact of its ISO limitations. Hesitant at first about my decision to sell it off, I quickly got over the fact after I shot on the A7. 

For the most part, we stuck to photographing the model without the powder. For those thinking of shooting a concept that revolves around elements that can't be reversed, my personal recommendation is to shoot the model clean before applying any kind of paint or powder. I say this only because if you are paying your model with photos for her portfolio, she still walks away with something to show for her time spent modeling.