Challenge: Rope

As with my last Smoke shoot, which you can read about HERE, I challenged myself to do another element/prop shoot, except this time the element was rope.  My personal challenge in this shoot was to create something that wasn't to morbid or sensual in nature. The hardest part about this concept was the fact that most of the time thats what people associate rope with; especially when you toss a model into the mix. 

To be honest, I was sort of lost as far as direction when it came to posing the models along with the rope. I ran into a few images online from researching the subject, but as I stated above they were a little to risky for what I wanted to portray. And now that I think about it, what was I trying to portray? I guess for me it was more of the challenge of the the rope then the story. What I learned from this was as a photographer what should be more important, the props used in the a photograph or the telling of what the photograph is suppose to mean.  

So there you have it, a photoshoot done with rope. I think for my next element/prop shoot I will put more thought into what I'm trying to say to my viewer then trying to just produce a photo that is pleasing to the eye. Once that is figured out, my next is to find a happy balance between the two! until next time...

William HarrisComment