Daily Break

I am a firm believer in the practice of relaxing. No, I am not saying to practice laziness, what I am saying, is that as photographers we need to take breaks from life every now and then to just relax and go out and shoot for the sake of shooting. I find that taking a few photos daily of anything not only challenges one to see the norm but it is also a way to keep up our skills as photographers. 

Being over whelmed with the mountain of school work I had today, I decided that I needed a break. Although it has been raining for most of the day, I noticed that every once in a while the rain did let up and too advantages of these little breaks. Stepping outside, the rain drops on the plants in my garden caught my eye. So with that, I decided that these drops would be my subject matter for the day.  

So there you have it, my ideas behind taking daily photo breaks. My challenge to you is, what is keeping you from breaking from your daily life in order to improve and free your photography? Although it may seem like another added chore to your already hectic daily life, I guarantee you that in the end you will see the benefits of taking these breaks. So what are you waiting for? get out there and take a break! 

William HarrisComment