Location Scouting

The fun part of putting together an on-location shoot is the the fact that you as a photographer you tasked with locating interesting shooting locations! I know... it sounds pretty obvious but for those always shooting at the same boring spots, exploring sections of your town that you have never been to can result in some satisfying discoveries!  

Hinted that there was an awesome spot under a bridge in town, I made my way with the use of google maps, determined to find this location I made it my goal to not go home until I found it! 

As you can tell I was able to locate the area. The best part about it was the satisfaction that I received when I found it! The area was covered in graffiti, but that was not all. The area was surrounded by a huge lake, making it the perfect spot for various photography themes. 

As always, a shoot cannot be successful without the help of some awesome models. I did manage to take a few 4x5 portraits on film but thats for a later post, so keep an eye out for that! I am currently working on a 4x5 project with hopes to showcase locally! 

William HarrisComment