Playing Catch up.

As many know, Life can get pretty busy at times. Having to balance my priorities is almost a must when it comes my daily actives. First there is the priority of any editing jobs that I come across. Next comes school, and lastly and sadly comes my passion; photography. And even though this is the case, I still manage to find a happy medium! Hectic at times, but still manageable. For that Reason, I am breaking down my last 3 shoots into one blog post. 

First we have my sunflower shoot and although I would like to take credit for the concept, this work of art  was entirely created by none other then the extremely talented Tysha Hallman. As far as the shoot went, it proved to be a successful mixture of subject and element.  The model was stunning and the sunflowers were a beautiful addition. 

William Harris Fayetteville nc darkroom portraits

Next we have the a concept created by another wonderful and talented photographer, Sharilyn WellsLike always, the challenge here was trying to piece together all the elements in order to create something that was both beautiful and creative! There were a few hiccups in that the water created this really weird color cast on our lovely model. Luckily I was able to correct that in post process and was extremely pleased with the results. 

This last portrait was an extra bonus! Visiting Tysha from out of town, she tagged along for a shoot and couldn't pass up the opportunity to photograph her. Moving away from the river, where we photographed our violin model, we found nicely lit area and preceded to shoot away!  Alright folks thats its for now. I will be posting more in depth posts here in a day or so when school dies down. So stay tuned! 

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