First Lieutenant Henry Tomlinson Macgill - Found Film Edition (Post 1)

If you recall, a few weeks ago I decided to make my way to a local auction to see what goodies I could find. That said, as you know, I walked out of there with a few treasures. =) Among the pile of photography gear I won, I happen to find a small film canister, having almost tossed it in the trash I was lucky enough to go back for it. Opening the canister I was totally stoked to find that it had some developed film in it! 

As you know, I drew the conclusion that the negatives had belonged to a local military hero by the name of Henry Tomlinson Macgill.  Now you may be wondering, what led me to this conclusion? Well let me tell you! After scanning a few negatives I ran into the photo you see above. Taking a closer look you will notice that to the right of the gentleman you see in the photograph, there is a military box with the following stenciled in: MAC GILL H.T. 2nd LT 050808. After a quick google search I ran into the following information:

As a quick summary, according to the pages I searched, First Lieutenant Henry Tomlinson Macgill was the commanding officer of Company C, 1st Battalion, 19th Infantry Regiment, 24th Infantry Division. Captured and taken prisoner while fighting enemy forces near the Kum River in South Korea in 1950, he was later executed due to an altercation with a North Korean officer.

What I find fascinating about these photographs, is the human nature you see in them. I understand that as far as the military goes, this man is a hero and should be considered one. But separating him from all that, these photographs give us a different side to who Henry Tomlinson Macgill was on his off time. I had to laugh when I scanned the photo you see above. Personally, this photo painted a different portrait than that which any google search could ever tell me.   This photo paints a man full of life. I also see an artist and a playful man. A man, that although he was possibly in conditions that most military folk could relate too, could see past his current situation and be able to see the good in what life had to offer.  Ok folks, thats it for now. As always please make sure to leave any comments down below. Other than that, thanks for stopping by and make sure to check back in... I still have two more rolls to scan from my auction find as well as a pretty cool shoot I hinted in my last post! 

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