Downtown Portrait Session With a Dash of Red.

I have come to the conclusion that the quality of your work is not only determined by the time and effort you put into learning your trade, but also in the experience you create when photographing your subject. As far as our lovely model you see above, first impressions might have some believe she was shy by nature, and even though this might be the case, how do we as photographers "overcome" this obstacle of shyness. That said, I have also come to believe that even the most outgoing people can all of a sudden find themselves camera shy. For instance, point a camera at my face and either two things will happen, I will either run away... or I will give you a face that only a mother's heart will love haha. 

As far as tips for helping a subject feel comfortable with you, I would say the most important advise I can give is that of encouragement. There is a huge difference in character when photographing a subject that feels "unsure" of themselves and that of a photograph where the model is constantly being praised. Now keep in mind, I am not saying that our model was unsure of herself, but it can be quite intimidating when someone you don't really know is pointing a camera at your face. Personally I feel that she did an amazing job as she looked stunning from the beginning to the end of the shoot.  

Another tip is that of what I like to call "warm up" shots. This part of the session is mainly geared as a "meet and greet" between photographer and subject. Here, I like to take the time while taking my first shots to get to know my subject. At the same time, this opportunity is the perfect time for your subject to get you know you as well. Alright, as always thank you to our model and make sure to check back in.. more photography goodness to come! 

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