4x5: Wedding Portrait

It's been a while since I have really written anything concerning my photoshoots. That said, I had to break my silence for this one. =)

A week back I was invited to shoot along side a good friend as a 2nd shooter. Luckily, the bride we were photographing was someone we knew and being that she knew I shot film she requested that I do so.  Of course that meant I had to bust out the big guns! Yes folks, thats right! My 4x5 view camera got some photography love! 


As far as personal experience goes, I have to say that shooting this camera is not for the light hearted. I really feel for the photographers back in the day...having to set up such a huge camera...  get their subjects to pose and not move.. run back to the camera.. covering themselves under a dark cloth... focusing... putting the film holder in the camera... taking the dark slide out...  tripping the shutter.. and finally putting dark slide back in... not to mention developing and printing... all for the creation of one photograph. 

In the end I have to say that I find shooting 4x5 film to be pretty satisfying... yes its a hassle to shoot with and you really don't have the ability to burn through a lot of frames... but something about it really speaks to my soul as a person. It allows me to really consider who and what my subject is... it slows me down to the point where I have to use everything I know as a photographer to make sure this one shot comes out perfect. But the best part of it all is when you first open up that developing tank to see your results. In that split second all your hard work is presented before you in the form of failure or success. As you can tell this time around, I was presented with a beautiful negative... needless to say I was overjoyed with my results. 

William HarrisComment